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Prayers and Rituals

We have a wide range of prayers, invocations, rituals, and other information for gods of many traditions, available online. In general, these may be used freely for public or private ritual, but not distributed republished online or in print without permission from the source.

Asphodel members are starting to put together online shrines for different deities, containing some of this information, and some of our Northern-Tradition members have contributed to the Northern-Tradition Paganism online shrine project, which has close to fifty shrines. These are a wonderful resource.

The Pagan Book of Hours: Our Liturgy

Some years ago, we assembled a collection of two invocations a day, for an entire year, with solar and lunar calendars as part of our exploration of Pagan monasticism. The Church of Asphodel regularly draws from this collection when putting together our holiday rituals. Each of these short, simple rituals contain a prayer or invocation, as well as suggested offerings, food, and altar items. Many also list a song or chant, but unfortunately, we don't currently have recordings or sheet music for them. (Eventually we will, but probably not any time real soon.)

The selection of gods and cultures is based largely on who participants personally have felt called to work with or honor, not any type of value judgement on which cultures or gods are more important than others. As a tradition we don't have specific gods we all honor, or a specific cultural context we work in. Whoever is running the ritual chooses what gods and spirits to honor, and what format to use for the ritual.

You can use the invocations yourself, if you like, but please do not repost them without crediting us. (More info is on the Liturgy FAQ.) Please note that some of the holidays are historical, some are not. Our primary concern was expression our devotion to these gods, not historical reenactment.

Pagan Prayer Beads

Another one of our projects has been putting together Pagan prayer beads. While their development was collaborative (as part of our clever plan of encouraging Pagans to pray!) the beads themselves are currently made and sold independently by our head minister, Raven.

Other Rituals:

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