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Cauldron Farm

Cauldron Farm hosts most Asphodel events. It is a small hobby-farm in central Massachusetts. (12 Simonds Hill Road, Hubbardston, MA. Directions and Site info.) It is not owned by Asphodel. It is a private residence owned by two of our founding members and their family, but has a nice big field out in the woods which Asphodel often uses for rituals. We've got plans in the works for a small chapel out in the woods, but as of now, rituals are either outdoors or stuffed into their too-small farmhouse. The ritual field is quite private, with a firepit, stone labyrinth, and various poles for different gods. There are a few other groups that also occasionally use the space for ritual or for small camping gatherings. It is not a commercial campground or retreat center.

Can I visit Cauldron Farm?

Probably, but you have to call them. Check the Cauldron Farm website for info on that. Don't just drop by unannounced. People occasionally camp out in their woods, either for a spiritual retreat or just some time in nature, but there is no permanent shelter, showers, cooking facilities, or electric that is open to the public. However, please be aware it is essentially a private family home. You cannot move in. You cannot rent a room. You can not stay for weeks at a time.

Can I get to Cauldron Farm by public transportation?

No. There is no local bus, and it is more than half an hour drive from the regional bus and train lines in Fitchburg and Worcester. Sometimes people can arrange rides - you can email info@churchofasphodel.org for information.

Is the site wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, no. Not unless it is a fairly rugged chair. The path out to the woods is rocky and uneven, with a rather steep bridge. Please contact cauldronfarm@hotmail.com for more information.

Are the folks at Cauldron Farm survivalists?

No. They've got some livestock and a good sized garden because they like having a personal connection to the food they eat, not because they are preparing for the collapse of civilization.

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