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Kingdom Weekend 2016

August 26-28

Asphodel Kingdom Weekend is a free Pagan event held at Cauldron Farm, and open to any Pagans who want to come. It is Asphodel's yearly gift to the local Pagan demographic. There will be workshops, ritual, Asphodel Court, our yearly choir performance, camping around the bonfire and good potluck. You can arrive any time after 2 pm on Friday and we request that you be out by 5 pm on Sunday. There is no fee, but please bring food for the Saturday night potluck, and indeed if you can bring extra food to share that would be a blessing. You may arrive at any time so long as you know where to park (in the north field) and you are able to bring your camping gear to the field by yourself. If you've never been to Cauldron Farm before, please show up before 11 pm so that we can show you where to park. If you would like to give a workshop or run a ritual, please let us know.
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Welcome to the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel! We are an eclectic Neo-Pagan church whose folk hail mostly from Massachusetts. We are a congregational-style church rather than an initiatory mystery tradition, and we hold open rituals on all eight traditional high holidays, as well as a special weekend in August that is our anniversary. All Pagans are welcome, as are curious but respectful folks of any religion. We are a welcoming congregation, and we turn away no one on the basis of gender, race, class, disability, sexual or gender preference, appearance, or lifestyle. We are polytheistic and polymythic, and one of our foci is reclaiming and living sacred archetypes as part of a greater spiritual path. Come into our hall and share community!


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