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College of Brigantia

The College of Brigantia teaches religious and magical arts of all kinds. It is made up of eight Orders, each of which concentrates on a different subject. Brigantia is not an accredited college, although it does offer certificates and degrees in a number of disciplines.

In 2013, Brigantia classes were put on temporary hold, but may resume in 2014.

Q: May anyone take classes?

Yes. You do not need to be a member of Asphodel to take classes or to obtain a certificate or degree. You do not have to be enrolled in a degree program to take most classes, but preference is given in scheduling to enrolled students. A small number of advanced classes may be restricted to students enrolled in an advanced degree program or students who have demonstrated a certain level of proficiency in the area.

Q: When will you offer a class in...?

Class offerings are based on student interest and instructor availability. Priority is given to offering classes for students enrolled in degree programs. If you are interested in a specific class, the usual teacher of that class, or Joshua (josh@cauldronfarm.com). Our goal is to offer all classes in the Basic Certificates on a two year cycle, but life so often gets in the way.

Q: How much do classes cost?

As of October 2007, the fee for any 1-2 hour Brigantia class, taught by a Brigantia instructor is $5. An additional materials fee may be charged for "hands on" classes. Classes by an outside instructor may require a higher fee, but we endeavor always to keep class prices as low as possible. Non-credit classes sponsored by Brigantia may be free at the discretion of the instructor.

Brigantia classes taught during free Asphodel events are free. Brigantia may host weekend retreats where multiple classes are taught for one fee, not to exceed $25. Organizers of such events may allow individuals who are not staying for the weekend to pay per-class.

Q: Where are the classes held? Can you give a workshop at my location or event?

Many classes are held at Cauldron Farm in Central Massachusetts, but others may be held at the home of the instructor, or at Bones & Flowers in Worcester. We welcome the opportunity to teach at other venues. Please contact us for further information.

Q: What sort of degrees do you offer? There are three types of programs offered:

  • A Certification from an Order appropriate for someone who wants a thorough overview of a certain discipline, such as divination or healing, and it provides a background against which further study in the field may develop. These programs are generally 15 to 20 class hours.
  • A Degree in the Magical Arts is awarded with completion of all eight basic certificates. It gives a great breadth of information on a wide range of Pagan arts. It allows a person to find which paths among all of those presented call to them for further study, and gives them a basis for understanding and communicating with those on different paths of study. Under ideal circumstances, a Magical Arts degree can be earned in two years.
  • A Master's degree in one of the Orders may be pursued by applying to the head of that department. A Magical Arts degree or solid background in the subject is preferred, as well as a suitable demonstration of aptitude for the subject. Obtaining a Master's Degree requires a series of ten to fifteen classes and demonstration of a certain level of mastery over the discipline. In order to be given a Master's Degree in Divination, for example, one must not only know a good deal about Divination, but be able to successfully practice divination in a variety of forms and show a clear aptitude for the art. We also offer the Asphodel Ministry Program as a Master's Degree.

These are in no way comparable to initiatory degrees, and none of the teaching within Brigantia is oathbound, secret, or restricted to members.

Q: Who is in charge of Brigantia?

Brigantia is run collectively by the heads of each of the eight teaching Orders, with one of these people elected to serve as the dean for a few years or until someone else wants a turn. The current dean is Joshua.

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