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Upcoming Events

Unless otherwise specified, events are held at Cauldron Farm, 12 Simonds Hill Road, Hubbardston, MA. Here are directions to Cauldron Farm and information. Rituals are often held outdoors. Events are all free to attend, unless specified otherwise.

POTLUCK: We ask that everyone bring some type of FULLY PREPARED food for the potluck meal after all of our rituals. We have plates, forks, etc. but bring a serving utensil if needed. We have very limited space for you to reheat, refrigerate, or prepare foods. We generally advise people bring a substantial meal-type item (not chips and candy) with enough for five to ten people. If you have dietary restrictions, bring what you can eat. Alcohol is permitted, but does not count as potluck. If for some reason you cannot bring food, please offer to help with cleanup.

CHILDREN: While we don't offer specific activities for children, our rituals are generally appropriate for children unless otherwise specified in the event description. Anyone under 18 years old MUST either be supervised by their parent or legal guardian, or someone with written authorization from the parent/guardian.

PETS: Well-behaved pets are allowed at any outdoor event which allows children. They must be leashed or otherwise contained, and well supervised.

NEW GUESTS: If you are new to Asphodel, you might want to check out this information about Asphodel and our rituals.

PLANS CAN CHANGE! Sign up for our email list to be updated of changes to time, date, or location. Send a black email to: asphodelevents-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.


Saturday, December 23rd, 5 pm

Join us as we hail the longest night! Asphodel's Yule ritual will be held Saturday the 23rd, at 5 pm, at Cauldron Farm in Hubbardston. We plan to be outside for at least part of the ritual, but potluck will be in the house. Come celebrate with us as we turn the Yule Wheel and dive into winter!
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