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Solstice 2017

Saturday June 24th. Ritual starts at noon.

Summer Solstice ritual will be on Saturday June 24th, at Cauldron Farm. We will be having a guest HP doing a Hellenic rite of Apollo Soranos. Things start at noon; bring potluck. After ritual we'll be moving the final stone into place! Fourteen years of moving stones.

The Black Sun rite will invoke Apollo Soranus, an Italian face of Apollo. He runs with the wolves; he steals the offering from the fire; he walks in trance across hot coals; and he brings plague and balm alike to those He will. As the power of the sun reaches its annual peak on the Solstice, we propitiate the Midnight Sun, the light of the Underworld, and pray for His blessings upon us and our efforts.

Participants will want to wear clothing that permits physical activity such as walking and dancing, preferably in the colors most sacred to the Starry Bull tradition and most frequently used in ancient Orphic ritual: black, white, red. Mobility and comfort assistance is welcome as well. We strongly encourage those interested to bring an offering to Apollo Soranus—when in doubt, wine, honey, and bread or cakes are good choices! Those with drums, rattles, and similar noisemakers are also encouraged to bring them, as live music will feature heavily in the ritual.

There will be a point in the ritual where those who feel like dancing can dance, but no one is required to dance - you can sit and clap or shake something, or chant wordlessly, etc. Apollo likes music so we're going to make him some. For the crafty people: We'll be making silk ivy wreaths and if you can make your own, or would like to help make some (or you know of a source of real ivy you could twist wreaths out of) Raven could use help with that.

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